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The Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x: Implementation and Deployment course provides an overview of how to implement and configure Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x environment. This course is designed for technical support, sales engineers, partners, and customers tasked with providing implementing and deploying the Enterprise Vault 12.x environment.

  • Provide a product overview
  • Understand design basics for Enterprise Vault in different target situations
  • Describe pre-installation tasks for Enterprise Vault, installation and post-installation tasks
  • List the steps to configure Enterprise Vault, indexing and storage
  • Configure Exchange Mailbox Archiving and Enterprise Vault access for Exchange clients
  • Configure Exchange Journal archiving
  • Configure FSA
  • Configure SharePoint archiving
  • Describe basic troubleshooting and implementation validation
  • Optional:
  • Outline Compliance Accelerator installation
  • Outline Discovery Accelerator installation.

This course is meant for Veritas Technical Support personnel, Sales Engineers, Veritas partners who support and implement Enterprise Vault, and Veritas customers implementing and using Enterprise Vault.

Veritas Enterprise Vault: Product Overview

• Describe the business challenges addressed by Enterprise Vault

• Describe the basic concepts behind the Enterprise Vault system

• Describe the Enterprise Vault structure and components

• List the access options for Enterprise Vault


Introduction to Designing an Enterprise Vault Deployment

• Describe how to approach an Enterprise Vault design.

• Describe the main steps to deploy Enterprise Vault and best practices.

• Describe available design tools.

• Describe the main considerations when designing an Enterprise Vault deployment.

• Describe the Enterprise Vault designs for common deployment scenarios.


Preparing the Environment for Installing Enterprise Vault

• Describe the installation prerequisites for the Enterprise Vault server.

• Describe the additional installation prerequisites required for the Exchange archiving.

• Describe the additional installation prerequisites required for the File System Archiving.

• Describe the additional installation prerequisites required for the SharePoint archiving.

• Use the Deployment Scanner to confirm that all the prerequisites are installed correctly.


Installing Enterprise Vault

• Use the Enterprise Vault Install launcher to install Enterprise Vault.

• Complete the post installation tasks.

• Uninstall or reinstall Enterprise Vault.

• Configuring the Enterprise Vault Server

• Run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard.

• Configure site settings to meet specific requirements.

• Deploy roles‐based access (RBA) for administration access.

• Configure monitoring and reporting.


Configuring Indexing and Storage

• Configure Enterprise Vault Indexes.

• Configure Enterprise Vault archive retention.

• Discuss storage architecture and perform the initial storage configuration.


Configuring Exchange Mailbox Archiving

• Configure Exchange mailbox targets.

• Define mailbox policies and configure provisioning.

• Enable mailboxes and perform archiving for user mailboxes using the Mailbox Archiving Task.


Configuring Exchange Clients

• Configure the Enterprise Vault client Add‐In for Outlook 2010.

• Configure access to the archives using Outlook Web Access 2007 and 2010.

• Configure Mail App and access to the archives using


Outlook Web Access 2013.

• Enable and configure Vault Cache and Virtual Vault.


Configuring Exchange Journal Archiving

• Describe the basics of Journaling in Microsoft Exchange.

• Provide an overview of Enterprise Vault Exchange Journal archiving.

• Configure archiving from Exchange Journal Mailbox.

• List the considerations for Journal Archiving.


Configuring File System Archiving (FSA)

• Provide an overview of File System Archiving.

• Configure FSA targets.

• Process items.


Configuring SharePoint Archiving

• Provide an overview of SharePoint archiving.

• Configure SharePoint archiving.

• Process items.


Troubleshooting the Implementation

• List the common implementation issues.

• List the various resources available for troubleshooting.

• Use common troubleshooting tools.

• Review Enterprise Vault client logs.


Validating the environment

• Test archiving and access.

• Define the components to backup and other considerations.

• Review the implementation steps and checklists.Appendix: Optional lessons (no labs)


Installing Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator (CA)

• Understand the basic compliance concepts.

• Describe the architectural components of Compliance Accelerator and workflow.

• Describe the prerequisites for installing Compliance Accelerator.

• Installation and initial configuration of Compliance Accelerator server and client.


Installing Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator (DA) Understand the basic discovery concepts.

• Describe the architectural components of Discovery Accelerator and workflow.

• Describe the prerequisites for installing Discovery Accelerator.

• Installation and initial configuration of Discovery Accelerator server and client.



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